Exhibition: "Stories of Getting Old" | Viet Nam

Exhibition: “Stories of Getting Old” | Viet Nam

The exhibition “Stories of Getting Old”, at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, aims to shorten the generation gap and foster respect for elderly people.  Read More

Exhibition: "Seeds of Culture" | Lao PDR

Exhibition: “Seeds of Culture” | Lao PDR

The exhibition “Seeds of Culture”, which can be visited at TAEC, Luang Prabang, until September 2018, explores the importance of nature for culture.  Read More

Exhibition: "Dressing Gods and Demons: Costume for Khon" | Thailand

Exhibition: “Dressing Gods and Demons: Costume for Khon” | Thailand

The Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles, Bangkok, has recently opened an exhibition entitled “Dressing Gods and Demons: Costume for Khon”, which can be visited until May 2017.   Read More

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