Exhibition: "Reviving Myanmar Celadon Ceramics" | Singapore

Exhibition: “Reviving Myanmar Celadon Ceramics” | Singapore

The National University of Singapore Museum presents an exhibition entitled “From the Ashes: Reviving Myanmar Celadon Ceramics”, until 30 December 2017.  Read More

Exhibition: "Viet Nam National Treasures"

Exhibition: “Viet Nam National Treasures”

An exhibition at the Viet Nam National Museum of History, Hanoi, “Viet Nam National Treasures” presents 18 national treasures together for the first time.  Read More

Exhibition: "Hong Ling: A Retrospective" | Ireland

Exhibition: “Hong Ling: A Retrospective” | Ireland

The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, presents “Hong Ling: A Retrospective”, Ireland’s first exhibition by one of China’s leading contemporary landscape painters.  Read More

Exhibition: "A Wedding Day in Autumn" | Korea

Exhibition: “A Wedding Day in Autumn” | Korea

“A Wedding Day in Autumn, 1837 – Hangeul Materials Related to Princess Deogon” can be visited at the National Hangeul Museum, Seoul, until 18 December.  Read More

Exhibition: "Stories of Getting Old" | Viet Nam

Exhibition: “Stories of Getting Old” | Viet Nam

The exhibition “Stories of Getting Old”, at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, aims to shorten the generation gap and foster respect for elderly people.  Read More

Exhibition: "Seeds of Culture" | Lao PDR

Exhibition: “Seeds of Culture” | Lao PDR

The exhibition “Seeds of Culture”, which can be visited at TAEC, Luang Prabang, until September 2018, explores the importance of nature for culture.  Read More

"Artist and Empire: (En)countering Colonial Legacies" | Singapore

“Artist and Empire: (En)countering Colonial Legacies” | Singapore

In association with Tate Britain, this new exhibition will be presented at National Gallery Singapore until March 2017, alongside an extensive set of activities.  Read More

New exhibitions at the Asia and Pacific Museum | Poland

New exhibitions at the Asia and Pacific Museum | Poland

The Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw has recently opened a new temporary exhibition entitled “Asia / Pacific / Solec 24 Str.” and a new permanent exhibition, “The Sounds Zone”.  Read More

Exhibition: "Dressing Gods and Demons: Costume for Khon" | Thailand

Exhibition: “Dressing Gods and Demons: Costume for Khon” | Thailand

The Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles, Bangkok, has recently opened an exhibition entitled “Dressing Gods and Demons: Costume for Khon”, which can be visited until May 2017.   Read More

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