Exhibition: "Feast along the Silk Road" | Belgium

Exhibition: “Feast along the Silk Road” | Belgium

351 pieces of tableware designed by contemporary Chinese artists and designers are presented in the exhibition “Feast along the Silk Road”.   Read More

Exhibition: "New Silk Road" - Contemporary Chinese Porcelain | Greece

Exhibition: “New Silk Road” – Contemporary Chinese Porcelain | Greece

The Corfu Museum of Asian Art presents the exhibition ‘New Silk Road: Ru Royal Kiln Chinese Contemporary Porcelain’ on the occasion of the Year of Greek-Chinese Friendship 2017.  Read More

Exhibition: "Cool Japan" | The Netherlands

Exhibition: “Cool Japan” | The Netherlands

The major exhibition “Cool Japan: Worldwide Fascination in Focus” can be visited at the National Museum of Ethnology of the Netherlands until 17 September 2017.  Read More

Summer Course in Curatorial Practice 2017 | Italy

Summer Course in Curatorial Practice 2017 | Italy

The Summer School in Curatorial Practice 2017 will take place in Venice between 5 June and 30 September. Registration is open until 31 March.  Read More

Exhibition: "Hong Ling: A Retrospective" | Ireland

Exhibition: “Hong Ling: A Retrospective” | Ireland

The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, presents “Hong Ling: A Retrospective”, Ireland’s first exhibition by one of China’s leading contemporary landscape painters.  Read More

Exhibition: "Dressing Gods and Demons: Costume for Khon" | Thailand

Exhibition: “Dressing Gods and Demons: Costume for Khon” | Thailand

The Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles, Bangkok, has recently opened an exhibition entitled “Dressing Gods and Demons: Costume for Khon”, which can be visited until May 2017.   Read More

Exhibition: "Ishuretsuzo, the Image of Ezo" | Japan

Exhibition: “Ishuretsuzo, the Image of Ezo” | Japan

The National Museum of Ethnology, Japan, hosts the exhibition “Ishuretsuzo, the Image of Ezo”, featuring works by 18th-century painter Hakyo Kakizaki.  Read More

Exhibition: Jin Shengjia, "Traces" | Poland

Exhibition: Jin Shengjia, “Traces” | Poland

The exhibition “Traces”, by Chinese contemporary artist Jin Shengjia, can be visited at the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, Krakow, between 9 February and 20 March 2016.  Read More

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