Philippines-UK Museum Education Exchange

Educational Exchange Philippines-UK - Brad Irwin Educational Exchange Philippines-UK - JRCCallado

In 2015, ASEMUS’ Educational Exchange and Outreach Programme will support a project submitted by staff at the National Museum, Manila (Philippines) and the Natural History Museum (London, UK).

The project will enable John Rey Callado, Museum Researcher at the National Museum, Manila, and Brad Irwin, Senior Learning Engagement Manager, National History Museum, London, to spend two weeks at each other’s museum.

The aim of the exchange visits is to work on exchanging, understanding and knowledge about each other’s cultures, collection and strategies in audience engagement.

Referring to the exchange and its expected impact on his own work, John Rey Callado explains that:

“My participation in the ASEMUS Exchange Program will further improve my expertise and capabilities in networking skills, group organizing and information dissemination that will be learned in the programme. New techniques, ideas and concepts in presenting and promoting natural history exhibition will be greatly beneficial to the development of the future National Museum of Natural History in the Philippines. I would like to establish a partnership with London Natural History Museum (NHM) for their expertise and management skills in curating and promoting their comprehensive Natural History collections.”

On the other hand, Brad Irwin describes his aims as follows:

“This exchange will benefit my professional development and workplace in a number of ways. Firstly it will enable me to foster an important international relationship with an exciting new natural history museum. The NHM in London is keen to develop important educational and scientific relationships with institutions from around the world and I feel this exchange will allow me to foster relationships with key individuals within the Philippines in a meaningful and long lasting way.

Secondly, as the National Museum of the Philippines is redeveloping its institution and plans to open a new museum in late 2015 – this will enable me to get a window into how a museum redevelops itself and more importantly places education at the heart of the institution. The NHM in London is about to embark on the remodelling of its learning spaces and public galleries and having the opportunity to see how an institution is doing this would be invaluable. I plan to spend much time understanding and interrogating the strategic thinking and operational processes in place to transform NM Philippines. It is very rare to come across a natural history museum that is in the process of renewal – so this is an exciting professional opportunity that is not to be missed. I will be able to take this learning and share this with colleagues from across the NHM site to help inform their thinking of learning programmes, exhibitions and general operations. “

ASEMUS’ Educational Exchange and Outreach Programme enhances the professional development of museum educators in Asia and Europe and strengthens connections and cultural understanding between the two regions. The ASEMUS website contains information about previous exchanges.

This is the final round of the ASEMUS Educational Exchange and Outreach Programme

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