Mapping of Asian Collections

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The Mapping Project was first proposed at the Paris General Conference in September 2010. The ASEMUS members have mutually agreed to work on the Mapping Project which will focus on three areas; the Mapping of Asian Collections, the Mapping of museum professionals and expertise and the Mapping of museum-related projects and engagements across Asia and Europe. The initial phase of the Mapping Project will focus on the Mapping of Asian Collections.

Objectives of project:

To increase the visibility and knowledge about Asian Collections in Europe and Asia – thus increasing understanding and sharing of culture and cultural diversity.

The distribution of Asian collections in Europe is also a concrete manifestation of the network of relationships between Asia and Europe. Thus the project could open up avenues for the study and research of interrelationships between the two continents.

This project would help researchers identify relevant collections for curatorial projects.

The Mapping project is not only about the final product but it is also the engagement and participation amongst members in working on the project which is equally important. The input of information would be on the recruitment volunteers.

The Mapping project is in its initial stages, a core working group was formed and met in Singapore in July 2011.

In Early September a technical discovery report was commissioned, “Mapping of Asian Collections: Google Maps Possibilities & Limitations” (PDF, 1.4mb).

ASEMUS on Google Maps

ASEMUS on Google Maps

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