Korea and Germany: Museum Education Exchange

Exchange Programme - Eunmi Yi - Korea

In 2014, ASEMUS’ Educational Exchange and Outreach Programme supports a project submitted by staff at the GRASSI Museum of Ethnography (Leipzig, Germany) and the National Folk Museum of Korea (Seoul).

The project will enable Sylvia Wackernagel, Museum Learning and Outreach Officer at the GRASSI Museum of Ethnography, and Eunmi Yi, Curator at the National Folk Museum of Korea, to spend two weeks at each other’s museum.

The aim of the exchange visits is to work on mutual capacity-building in the development of exhibitions, interactive spaces and programmes that promote authentic ways of understanding different cultures.

Referring to the exchange and its expected impact on her own work, Eunmi Yi explains that:

“In 2015, my museum will present a special exhibition under the theme of cultural diversity. In order to make this upcoming exhibition better, I’d like to explore and research both exhibits and education programmes relevant to cultural diversity represented in the GRASSI Museum as well as ethnography museums in other parts of Germany.”

On the other hand, Sylvia Wackernagel describes her aims as follows:

“An essential part of this project will be to critically reflect on how Korean culture can and should be represented in an ethnographic museum of 21st century in Europe and Korea. What is its relevance for Korean society today? What critical issues must be addressed?  How can individual voices be made heard?”

ASEMUS’ Educational Exchange and Outreach Programme enhances the professional development of museum educators in Asia and Europe and strengthens connections and cultural understanding between the two regions. The ASEMUS website contains information about previous exchanges.

A call for participation in 2015 is open until 15 September 2014.


In the picture: Eunmi Yi, National Folk Museum of Korea.


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