Educational Exchange Programme: Interview with Jenny Siung

 Jenny Siung

The ASEMUS Exchange of Museum Educators Grant Programme enhances professional development of museum educators in Asia and Europe and strengthens connections and cultural understanding between the two regions.

In this video, Jenny Siung, Head of Education at the Chester Beatty Library (Dublin, Ireland), introduces the Programme and the opportunities it provides to museum educators. Staff from ASEMUS member museums can take advantage of this scheme to observe the everyday practices of their peers abroad, as well as to exchange, share practices and devise new joint projects.

Jenny, who is now one of the coordinators of the Programme, also tells of her own experience as a participant. In 2006, she obtained the first Programme grant, which allowed her to carry out an exchange project with colleagues at the Islamic Arts Museum in Malaysia. New ideas, practices and learning and educational strategies can derive from these experiences.

The 2015 call for participation in the Museum Educators Grant Programme is now open. Applications can be sent by 31 October.

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