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The Best in Heritage: Creative Bursary Programme

Best in Heritage Creative Bursary [1]

In the context of preparations for the The Best in Heritage conference [2], which will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on 24-26 September 2015, a ‘Creative Bursary’ programme [3] has just been launched.

From 10 July to 25 August, museums and heritage organisations which publish their museum guides on the izi.TRAVEL platform [4] adding the tag “#TBIH2015”, will enter the bursary competition. The best three contributions, selected by the Jury on 1 September, will be granted free registration to attend the The Best In Heritage conference, with additional bursaries of 400 Euro for travel and accommodation expenses.

The contest serves as a research tool for tracking best examples of creative storytelling, and enabling the selection of the most successful professionals to participate at the The Best in Heritage conference. The guides will be rated by a Jury consisting of museum specialists. The technical quality of recording will not be rated but the content, creativity and the skill of storytelling.

The three contestants declared as the best by the Jury, will be rewarded with free registrations for the Best in Heritage conference in Dubrovnik, and with travel and accommodation bursaries of 400 Euro each. Moreover, winners will have a chance to briefly present their guides and institutions at the main programme of the conference on 25 September.

ASEMUS is a media partner of the 2015 edition of The Best in Heritage. For additional information about the conference, read our post at http://asemus.museum/event/the-best-in-heritage-2015-croatia/ [2]

For additional information about the bursary programme, please visit http://www.thebestinheritage.com/conference/bursary-programme [3]