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New NEMO Report on Museum Values

Museums' 4 Values [1]

The Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) has recently published a report entitled ‘Museums’ 4 Values – Values for Museums’ [2], which is available online.

The publication presents four core values that museums preserve and disseminate on behalf of society. The important role of museums in the creation of knowledge and lifelong learning, their impact on communities and their contribution to the economic sector, all of which are stemmed from their vast collections, are emphasised in this publication.

These four values that NEMO has chosen as its four strategic areas are highlighted through examples of museum projects from 22 European countries. The exemplary museum projects presented differ greatly in terms of geography, structure and theme, but emphasise how museums serve their visitors in particular, and society in general.

NEMO collected the examples to illustrate its aims for museums in Europe following the contributions made by its members. The examples were reviewed by NEMO’s Executive Board Members.

Following the publication of the report, NEMO is also publishing individual profiles of the projects featured [3] therein, including the ‘Danish Butterfly Atlas’ developed by Denmark’s Natural History Museum.

The NEMO report ‘Museums’ 4 Values – Values 4 Museums’ is available at http://www.ne-mo.org/news/article/nemo/nemo-publishes-museums-4-values-values-4-museums/376.html [2]