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Australian Best Practice Guide to Collecting Cultural Material

Collecting Cultural Material Guide [1]

Developed by the Australian Ministry for the Arts [2] in consultation with all Australian states and territories and cultural heritage experts, the Australian Best Practice Guide to Collecting Cultural Material [3]was presented on 10 October 2014.

The Guide outlines principles and standards to assist Australia’s public collecting institutions when acquiring cultural material by purchase, gift, bequest or exchange. Whilst aimed primarily at Australian organisations, its guidelines could be relevant to museums and heritage institutions elsewhere.

The Guide also describes ethical considerations and legal obligations that apply to collecting institutions and provides guidance on transparency and accountability measures. Sections of the guide may also apply to cultural material being considered for inward loan.

The preparation of the Guide has taken account of several international standards in the field, including ICOM’s Code of Ethics for Museums [4].

Information source: IFACCA [5]