Yoo Geum Museum of Roof-end Tiles, Korea

Yoo Geum Museum of Roof-end Tiles, Korea    Yoo Geum Museum of Roof-end Tiles, Korea

The YooGeumMuseum of Roof-end Tile is Korea’s only museum dedicated to showcasing roof tiles. The museum was opened in January, 2008 and is located on Seokpajeonggil where Mt. Bukhan and Mt. Inwang in Seoul unfold on either side. The museum consists of an exhibition hall, a seminar hall, and other facilities.


The museum’s collection includes 4,000 East Asian roof-ends, ancient bricks (Yoo Changjong Collection) and 1,500 clay figurines and potteries (Geum Gisook Collection). In spring (May) and autumn (October) of each year, the Museum organises a special exhibition featuring roof end tiles and clay figurines. The roof end tiles and ancient bricks have been collected since 1978 and thus has a history of more than 30 years. In 2005, the collection of Ito, a Japanese collector who had been gathering roof end tiles since the 1910s, was added. The museum has developed into a place that has the world’s best East Asian roof end tiles.

An important purpose of establishing this museum and organizing such exhibitions, is to learn from roof end tiles, the wisdom and creativity of Korea’s ancestors and to provide opportunities and resources to study cultural exchanges in East Asia.

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