The Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw, Poland

The Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw, PolandThe Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw, Poland

The Museum was founded in 1973, based on the private Indonesian collection of Andrzej Wawrzyniak, sailor and diplomat, appointed its director for lifetime. Since then the public Museum, the only one in Poland, has been devoted exclusively to the cultures of Asia and Oceania.

Its mission is to collect the material evidences of the heritage of Asian cultures, to research them, display and promote in Polish society as a part of the common heritage of humankind. The Museum’s activity is based on the strong belief that art and culture can create a platform for mutual understanding and creative exchanges.

The collection is not permanently accessible for visitors because of the lack of space. Instead, the Museum organizes numerous temporary exhibitions, presenting different parts of collection, as well as the works of contemporary Asian artists or Polish artists travelling to Asia. They are also lent to many Polish museums; totally, over 800 exhibitions were prepared during 38 years. Other activities include photo exhibitions, public lectures and presentations by researcher, writers, travelers etc., children workshops, concerts, performances and other events. Research activity, including involvement in international conferences, is still developing.

The new Museum building is under construction and the curatorial team and designers are working on the project of permanent exhibition. Its opening is scheduled for 2012.

The Museum regards ASEMUS as a space of meeting with colleagues sharing the same tasks, challenges and emotions; opportunity to learn from the best.

Collection size: 20.401 inventory numbers (13.04.2011)

Collection: Ethnology and art of most Asian countries and a part of Pacific area. Most important collections from: Indonesia, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan etc.), Viet Nam, Burma/Myanmar, Lao PDR, China, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu etc. The smaller ones from nearly all Asian countries, some Pacific islands and Australia. Also works of Polish artists inspired by Asian cultures and travels.

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