Seoul Baekje Museum, Korea

Seoul Baekje Museum, Korea   Seoul Baekje Museum, Korea

The Seoul Baekje Museum presents Seoul’s ancient history and culture with focus on the Hanseong period  (18BCE-475CE) of the Baekje kingdom. The focus on this period is because this was the time when the area of present-day Seoul became the Baekje capital city.

The museum building was built to resemble a vessel to evoke the importance of the Baekje kingdom as a maritime powerhouse. Visitors to this newly opened museum can expect to have diverse opportunities to experience the 2000-year history of Seoul. The city which is founded on the elements of Baekje’s Hanseong culture and that of its neighboring kingdoms of Goguryeo and Silla which later occupied the area.

Collection size: 42,086 pieces

Collection: Korean archaeological artifacts, ceramics , metalwork, sculpture.

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