Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery

Mongolian National Museum of Modern Art Gallery   Mongolian National Museum of Modern Art Gallery

The Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery (MNMAG) collects, preserves and exhibits modern and contemporary Mongolian artworks. The collection serves an important role in documenting the social, historical and cultural evolution of Mongolia. In 1991, MNMAG separated from the Fine Arts Museum of Mongolia and became an independent organisation, dedicated to increasing public appreciation for Mongolian modern visual artworks.

The MNMAG is a government-supported arts organisation. Its collection forms the basis for providing aesthetic experiences and art education to the public. The gallery’s unique collection consists of Mongolian modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, prints, crafts and other new forms of art and artefacts which possess originality and a Mongolian identity. The artworks cover a range of themes from history and cultural traditions to landscapes and contemporary expressions.

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