Kaladham / PLACE-HAMPI, India

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HAMPI is a monumental world heritage precinct and a vibrant centre for contemporary pilgrimage – where history, the natural environment, mythology and everyday cultural practices are closely interwoven.

Kaladham / PLACE-HAMPI draws upon the products of the archeological imaginary and the visual languages of archaeology, photography and new media. In this museum these elements converge to present the ancient Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagara from a myriad of perspectives.

Through interactive technologies and stunning panoramic 3D photography visitors engage in sensorial and experiential encounters with Hampi as an historic place and living cultural landscape.

Kaladham / PLACE-HAMPI is located at Vijayanagar, 25Kms from Hampi. Inaugurated in 2012, the Museum is an initiative of Mrs. Sangita Jindal and the JSW Foundation. It is a unique contribution to the visual and acoustic record of the Hampi precinct.

PLACE-HAMPI is an embodied theatre of participation in the drama of Hindu mythology focused at the most significant archaeological, historical and sacred location of the World Heritage site Vijayanagara (Hampi), South India.

Enfolded in this interactive installation, viewers explore a virtual landscape of panoramic locations enlivened by animated mythological events that reveal the folkloric imagination of contemporary pilgrims active at this temple complex.

Comprised of high resolution augmented stereoscopic panoramas and surrounded by a rich aural field, PLACE – HAMPI articulates an unprecedented level of viewer co-presence in a narrative re-discovery of cultural landscape.

Permanent Collections: 3D photographs, 3D visuals, aerial view of HAMPI (Photograph), research photographs and drawings

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