Australian Museum, Sydney

Australian Museum, Sydney   Australian Museum, Sydney

The Australian Museum was founded in 1827 and is located in College Street, Sydney.

Its mission is to inspire the exploration of nature and cultures. The Museum delivers services to clients and stakeholders in three main fields:

  • Public Engagement – The Museum presents a wide array of exhibitions, programs and events to raise community awareness of our natural world as well as about the indigenous and ancient cultures of our region and the world.
  • Collection Management – Maintaining and developing the largest natural history and cultural collection in Australia with over 16 million registered items.
  • Scientific Research – Undertaking scientific research on its collection of objects in the field to expand our understanding of the biota and indigenous cultures of Australia and the Pacific region.

Collection size: over 16 million

Collection areas:

The Australian Museum holds natural science and cultural collections. The Natural Science collections date from 1828 and document the biodiversity and geodiversity of the region. The Cultural Collections include significant ethnographic and archaeological materials representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as well as Pacific Islander, Asian, African and American cultures.


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