Art Museum Riga Bourse, Latvia

Video: Between 2008 and 2011, a massive reconstruction and restoration at the Riga Bourse (stock exchange) took place to return the building to its former brilliance. (5mins)

The starting grounds of Art Museum Riga Bourse are the collections of the former Foreign Art Museum. The new museum has taken over the international collaboration experience of the Foreign Art Museum, gained over the many years of its existence.

1920 is considered to be the foundation year of the Foreign Art Museum when the State art museum of Latvia was established. For more than ninety years it was located in one of the most beautiful cultural monuments – the Riga castle.

History of the collection formation is reaching even further, since its basis is created from collections that mostly date to the end of 18th century and especially to 19th century and which were gathered by former Riga town councilors, merchants and burgomasters. At the Art Museum Riga Bourse it is also possible to get acquainted with a part of the collection of the former Courland Province Museum (Jelgava) and Latvia University collections.

Starting 2010 Art Museum Riga Bourse is a part of Latvian National Art Museum.

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