ASEMUS Executive Committee Meeting, Delhi, 2017

The 21st meeting of the ASEMUS Executive Committee was held at the National Museum, New Delhi, India, on 15 March 2017, in the context of Engaged Museums, the 7th ASEMUS General Conference.


  • Ms Fionnuala CROKE, Chester Beatty Library (Chair)
  • Mr Kennie TING, Asian Civilisations Museum (Vice Chair)
  • Dr B.R. MANI, National Museum – New Delhi
  • Mr YANG Zhigang, Shanghai Museum
  • Ms ZHOU Yangqun, Shanghai Museum
  • Mr Michel LEE, Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Sweden
  • Mr Hans van de BUNTE, Sarawak Museum Campus, Malaysia
  • Ms Bettina ZORN, Weltmuseum Wien
  • Mr PARK Yong-Cheol, National Museum Korea
  • Mr KIM Jongsok, National Museum of Korea
  • Ms KONG Hyun-Ji, National Museum of Korea
  • Ms Jenny SIUNG, Chester Beatty Library
  • Ms Anupama SEKHAR, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
  • Ms Valentina RICCARDI, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
  • Mr David HENKEL, ASEMUS Secretariat – Asian Civilisations Museum

Absent with apologies:

  • Mr Stijn SCHOONDERWOERD, Director, National Museum of Ethnology
  • Mr Jeremy BARNS, Director, National Museum of the Philippines (Ana Maria LABRADOR unable to attend)
  • Ms Akiko MABUCHI, National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan
  • Mr Stéphane MARTIN, President, Musée du Quai Branly


  • British Museum



The recent passing of ExCo member, Dr. Christine Kron, Museum Fünf Kontinente, Munich was acknowledged with sadness.

Confirmation of Minutes of last ExCo Meeting (November 2016, Leiden, Netherlands)

The minutes from previous Exco (November 2015, Leiden, Netherlands) were reviewed and finalised.

7th ASEMUS General Conference

Updates on the GC were given by Ms Fionnuala CROKE, Dr B.R. Mani & Ms Anupama SEKHAR and the structure of the Future Directions panel (16 March) was discussed to include an overview of ASEMUS, presentations on the staff exchange and VCM followed by discussion (including feedback on training workshops held on 15 March).

Confirmation of revised ASEMUS Mission Statement & input to History of ASEMUS document

Final version of the ASEMUS Mission Statement was completed and is now ready to be updated and published on the ASEMUS website.

ASEF has commissioned a history of ASEMUS (written by ASEMUS Web Editor, Jordi BALTA), which will be circulated to the ExCo after the GC in order to finalise it before the next ExCo meeting in Vienna, Austria. ASEF requested ExCo members to support in filling in the missing information on some of the past activities of the network.

Reports: Past Activities

VCM progress report was presented by Hyeonji KONG; key highlights include:

  • 4 new museums joined since December 2016 (Slovenia, Cambodia, 2 in Bangladesh)
  • 3,958 likes in 2015 to 4,101 likes in 2017
  • Features of the “Stories” section presented & Hyeonji indicated that the process is time consuming e.g. the current feature on Kazakstan; National Museum of Korea requested all members to send content for the “Stories” section of VCM website. All members agree to look at the specific section and provide support to NMK for this.

ASEMUS website report was presented by Valentina RICCARDI; key highlights include:

  • Increase in number of visits to the website since 2015
  • Increase in engagement through social media since 2015
  • Enhancements to the present website presented
  • Possibility to revamp the ASEMUS website next year on the basis of the revamp of the ASEF culture360 platform, which currently hosts the ASEMUS website as a sub-site. The revamp should be planned on the basis of a more user-centred design

Integration of ASEMUS and VCM websites was also briefly discussed; key points are as follows:

  • Technical options to integrate the VCM website in the ASEMUS website to be discussed between ASEF & NMK towards the preparation for the next ExCo
  • Naver will continue to support the VCM platform till 2020
  • EUR 45,155 available in the VCM budget and can potentially be used for this integration

ExCo Housekeeping Matters

  • New incoming Chair (Kennie Ting) will officially take over the position of Chair at the next ExCo.
  • New Vice-Chair (European museum) to be identified by ExCo members.
  • Transition of Secretariat from Asian Civilisations Museum to ASEF likely to happen in January 2018 after a clear roadmap drawn out for the future direction of ASEMUS; suggestion from David Henkel (current Secretariat at ACM) to remain as part of the Secretariat as museum representative & advice on membership requests.
  • Bettina ZORN and Kennie TING indicated that they would approach the British Museum and encourage them to attend the ExCo in Vienna. If no response, then ExCo will approach the V&A or other UK museum to replace BM in the ExCo.
  • All members agreed to actively suggest and invite new museum members to participate in the ExCo, particularly from Europe: Bettina ZORN to approach Museum Fünf Kontinente in Munich to discuss the appointment of new ExCo member following the passing of Dr. Christine KRON; she will also test interest from the Museum of Asian Art (Museum für Asiatische Kunst), Berlin.
  • ExCo to follow up with Musee du Quai Branly to join the ExCo meeting in Vienna, following the recent courtesy call to Mr Stephane MARTIN by Ambassador Karsten WARNECKE, Executive Director, ASEF in February 2017.
  • Mr Toshio YAMANASHI, General Director, National Museum of Art, Osaka (National Museum of Art is ExCo member) suggested that Professor Yoshida, National Museum of Ethnology, Japan (soon to be General Director & previously strongly involved in ASEMUS through the Self and the Other Exhibition) as the ExCo member from Japan. ExCo agreed to this and Professor Yoshida is now the new ExCo member from Japan.
  • Hans van de BUNTE suggests to open membership to museums with more contemporary art collections to broaden up the agenda of ASEMUS beyond only ethnographic museums.
  • Anupama mentioned recent contact from Bozar, Brussels (affiliate member) and ASEF would follow up to invite them to the 8th General Conference in Sarawak.

Future Plans and Upcoming Events

  • Suggested ExCo meeting dates at Weltmuseum Wien (Vienna, Austria) are 23-24 November 2017.
  • Suggested dates for the 8th ASEMUS GC in Sarawak, Malaysia are 14-16 November 2018; proposed format will follow the one adopted in Delhi: training on day 1, conference day 2 & visits on day 3.


  • Ambassador Karsten WARNECKE, Executive Director, ASEF met with Mr Stephane Martin
  • Dr B.R. MANI suggested a brochure for ASEMUS that lists all the members with a short note about the museums; ASEF indicated that a new brochure was on the cards and that the suggestion was timely.

Documents related to this meeting:


Prepared by ASEF 04/04/17



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