8th ASEMUS General Conference in Kuching: Highlights


The 8th ASEMUS General Conference was successfully held in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, on 14-16 November 2018, hosted by the Sarawak Museum, gathering over 200 participants.

Entitled “New Curatorial Perspectives for a Changed World“, the conference aimed to discuss the dramatic changes in the landscape within which museums operate at local, national and global level: social and international fractures, more sophisticated audiences, technological shifts, increasing ethical discussions on the role and operations of museums, etc.

In this context, the 8th ASEMUS General Conference again combined workshops, project presentations, thematic discussions and site visits, overall providing an excellent opportunity for participants to reflect, learn and network.

The event also allowed to become familiar with the development of the new Sarawak Museum Campus, which will open its doors in Kuching in 2020, becoming the second largest museum in Southeast Asia and a global centre for Borneo heritage.

The programme of the Conference opened on 14 November with a set of participatory training workshops: working in small groups and led by well-established professionals, local and international participants addressed practices in exhibition development, scientific communication, community-based museum curation, gamification applied to museums, and shifts in collection management and care practices.

Thursday 15 November was the main conference day, with a programme that combined academic contributions, case studies, and thematic roundtables. Several researchers associated to the Sarawak Museum presented their work, whereas museum directors, curators and educators from ASEMUS’ own network and elsewhere discussed ongoing museum development projects, including major renovation projects and new strategic and curatorial approaches.

The Conference closed on Friday 16 November by offering participants the possibility of visiting several cultural and natural sites in Sarawak.

ASEMUS wants to thank the Sarawak Museum and the Sarawak State Government for its hosting of the 8th General Conference and the warm welcome provided to all participants.

Further viewing and reading

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  • The article “Changes that museums strive towards”, by Kristine Milere, Curator at the Art Museum Riga Bourse, is available here


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