5th General Conference

13-15 September 2012, National Museum of Korea, Seoul, South Korea
Theme: New and Sustainable Museum Education

The three-day General Conference was organised and hosted by the National Museum of Korea (NMK) in Seoul. Themed around New and Sustainable Museum Education, it focused on the three following areas: ‘Policies and Strategies for Museum Education’, ‘Museums and Communities’, ‘Technology and Museum Education’. A half-day session at the conference was dedicated to the ASEMUS network and its related activities, and the last day of the Conference offered cultural tours to Changdeokgung Palace and Jongmyo Shrine, both UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The event was attended by over 350 people, including 230 museum professionals from 23 countries and of which 45 were from ASEM member countries (28 Asian and 17 European).

On the opening day, a congratulatory address was delivered by Mr Choe Kwang Shik, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea. Keynote speakers included Mr Michael Koh, Chief Executive Officer of the National Heritage Board in Singapore, and Mr Inwhoe Kim, Honorary President of the Korean Association of Museum Education.

Through an open call, ASEF, NMK and the ASEMUS Secretariat selected 16 speakers to present about ‘New and Sustainable Museum Education’ and five other speakers for ASEMUS-related activities. The conference provided an opportunity for ASEMUS members to share best practices and case studies while cultivating an open and supportive work environment. The hospitality provided by NMK was warmly received by the delegates.

The conference planning began in January 2012 with the NMK team’s visit to Singapore for discussions with the ASEMUS Secretariat and ASEF. The call for participation in the General Conference was posted on the ASEMUS website and communicated via its e-newsletter and social media channels. NMK set up an ASEMUS General Conference website for online registration of Conference delegates. The logistical arrangements for the Conference were efficiently carried out by the NMK team. Support was provided by ASEF for the participation of seven speakers and museum professionals to the General Conference.

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