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As the only permanent institution of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), a political dialogue process joining 46 countries of Asia and Europe, ASEF has an important function in promoting connections between civil societies of the two regions, and heritage is an important area where Asia and Europe can find a ground for further dialogue and cooperation.

As such, the long-term partnership with the Asia-Europe Museum Network has played an important role in facilitating exchange of knowledge and information, as well as in promoting mutual appreciation and awareness on the rich cultural heritage we share.

Over the years, ASEF has been the most important financial contributor to the Network’s activities, including the organization of the ASEMUS General Conferences every two years, and, in view of such connection, ASEF has also helped to re-launch the ASEMUS website as part of its culture360.org portal in 2011.

Among others, ASEF has supported the following projects of ASEMUS since 2000:


Mapping of Asian Collections

The new Mapping Project was launched at the 4th ASEMUS General Conference in Paris (museé du quai Branly), in September 2010, where all ASEMUS members agreed to share a common database relating to existing public and private Asian Collections across Asia and Europe. On a second stage, the database will also include a comprehensive overview of specialized professionals and heritage experts working in the museum field, as well as of the variety of collaborations between ASEMUS museums of the two regions.


A Passage to Asia: 25 Centuries of Exchange between Asia and Europe (25 June – 10 October 2010, Brussels)

The exhibition “A Passage to Asia” at the Centre of Fine Arts (BOZAR), Brussels, displayed the treasures of over 20 countries of Asia and Europe, to offer an itinerary through the 2,500 years of exchanges between the two regions. The exhibition project, promoted in view of the 8th ASEM Summit in Brussels (October 2010), resulted in one of the most prestigious examples of a bi-regional cooperation initiated amongst museums of the ASEMUS network.


ASEMUS Travelling Exhibitions

ASEMUS travelling exhibitions have helped to promote public awareness on Asian heritage amongst different audiences across Asia and Europe. Among others, the prestigious exhibition ‘Self and Others: Portraits from Asia and Europe’ travelled to five venues in Japan (2008-2009) and attracted over 60,000 visitors. As a follow-up on this project, the exhibition ‘Posing Questions: Being & Image in Asia & Europe’ was displayed at the Brunei Gallery of SOAS in London, United Kingdom (2010) and the exhibition ‘BISA-Potent Presences’ was displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila in the Philippines (2011).


ASEMUS Educational Exchange Outreach Program

The exchange of museum educators between ASEMUS members started since 2006, with the aim of reinforcing the museum’s efforts in capacity-building through a mutual sharing of experiences, knowledge and skills. Five pairs of partner museums from Asia and Europe were invited to present a program of exchanges under this scheme, whereby the training of museum professionals in each hosting museum was also supplemented with a series of public activities with wide local outreach.


ASEMUS Virtual Collection of Masterpieces (VCM)

ASEMUS VCM is an on-line collection of images and information on Asian masterpieces from Asian and Europe. Through this comprehensive description of over 2,155 masterpieces, presented by more 70 museums, the database enables on-line users from around the globe to appreciate the richness and variety of Asian heritage.

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