Vũ Hồng Nhi

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Vũ Hồng Nhi is the Vice Head of the Education Department at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (VME), in Hanoi, an ASEMUS member.

She started working at the VME in 1997, a few months before it opened to the public. The museum presents three exhibitions (‘Inside door’, ‘Open door’ and ‘World cultural exhibition’), which provide information on Viet Nam’s 54 ethnic groups. The museum collections hold over 20 thousand artifacts.

As one of the first officers of the museum and holding a PhD in the field of folklore, Vũ Hồng Nhi has participated in many field trips to collect artifacts and set up the permanent and temporary exhibitions in the museum. She deeply understands the value of presenting these objects for educational and awareness-raising purposes.

Her role as a curator involves carrying out research on ethnic cultures, presenting objects in the context of the museum’s educational programmes, designing educational materials, integrating cultural heritage into lectures for students in the schools at different levels, and arranging educational activities and guided visits for the public, mainly including young people. She has been involved in a number of temporary exhibitions, including “As we grow up” (2013); “Pain and Hope: 20 years HIV/ AIDS in Viet Nam” (2011) “Living in the Sacraments Catholic culture in contemporary” (2009), “Life of Hanoi in subsidy period” (2006); “Mild Autumn Festival – Present & Past” (1998); etc. These have brought excitement to visitors as well as students and have contributed to increasing understanding and recognition of the diverse cultural identities of Viet Nam’s ethnic groups.

Vũ Hồng Nhi was given a grant in the 2014 edition of ASEMUS Educational Exchange and Outreach Programme.

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