Syed Mohamad Albukhary

Syed Mohamad Albukhary, Director, Islamic Art Museum Malaysia

Syed Mohamad Albukhary has made art his mission. A business graduate who spent almost two decades being inspired by the inescapable creativity of Italy, he returned to Malaysia thirteen years ago to found the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Since the museum opened in 1998 he has been its director. This 30,000-square-metre institution has grown considerably in stature and now ranks among the world’s leading museums of Islamic art. Syed Mohamad has supervised this growth with a judicious buying policy and constant exposure to international developments in the field.

IAMM has been the recipient of numerous awards and has acquired a worldwide reputation for excellence. It is a pioneering institution in Southeast Asia, a region with a huge Muslim population. Reaching out to the widest possible audience has been Syed Mohamad’s aim. As the director of Malaysia’s most rapidly expanding repository of art, he has been at the forefront of cultural dialogue. Correcting perceptions about Islam and its culture remains a priority. This has been achieved by his advocacy of numerous exhibitions, seminars and publications. With the assistance of the Albukhary Foundation, Syed Mohamad energetically presses for recognition of Malaysia as a centre of scholarship and culture. His efforts have been rewarded with a number of awards, including the prestigious Mont Blanc Arts Patronage Award.

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