Lee Kang-won

Lee Kang-won

Lee Kang-won is the founder and director of the World Jewellery Museum in Seoul, Korea She achieved a B.A. in Journalism from Ewha Woman’s University and studied English literature at Virginia College. She has devoted 40 years of her life to preserving and promoting traditional jewelleries from all around the world. 

Lee has previously served as the president of Seoul Museums Association, and Jongno-Gu Private Museums Association, and vice president of Korean Private Museums Association.

A published author and poet, some of her publications include ‘Tango and Guerilla’ and ‘Tears of Cameleon.

The World Jewellery Museum (WJM) became a member of ASEMUS in 2010 and has been involved in several projects to promote mutual understanding and collaboration through the use of museum’s collections and programs.

At the World Crafts Council conference 2011 in New Delhi, WJM presented 15 jewelleries that are currently on the Virtual Collection Masterpieces (VCM). In the spirit of strengthening the bond of friendship and deepening cultural ties between Europe and Asia, WJM has been organizing a series of exhibitions such as ‘Lovers from Prague’ (2010) and the upcoming ‘Korea DNA’ will be featured at the prestigious Superstudio Designblok in Prague, the Czech Republic in October.

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