Jesper Kurt-Nielsen

Jesper Kurt-Nielsen

In-charge of Libraries and Archives, National Museum of Denmark.

I am in charge of the libraries and archives in the National Museum of Denmark, Ethnographic Collections. I have a MA in museum ethnography and a BA in history and art history. I have been educated as a web developer and have been an officer in the Danish Territorial Army. I have formerly worked in the archives of the Danish Foreign Office, but decided to work at the National Museum of Denmark due to my interest in other cultures not least in South East Asia.

My field of interest is the collecting of objects in a colonial context, especially how Danes worked within other European colonial structures. I have photographed villages on the island of Nias and travelled in the footsteps of a Danish expedition on the Niger River in West Africa to be able to document Danish collectors in a colonial context.

I have several personal interests, I enjoy fencing and the distinct Danish miniature theater called Model Theater and I collect antique travel books, but mostly I like to travel. I travel to South East Asia at least once a year, but mostly to Cambodia and Lao PDR but I enjoy visiting every country in the region.

I have been been participating in several conferences organised by ASEMUS, and find it extremely valuable to meet colleagues from Asian and European museums. The knowledge I have acquired from my Asian colleagues have been immensely significant, and my experience with ASEMUS has been second to none.

I find it very important that European and Asian museums are in a continuous dialogue, as it is obvious that museums in Asia and Europe faces many of the same challenges in the future. It is my experience that there is a specially bond between people that work in a museum, we are all caretakers of history, it is a huge responsibility we share.


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