Jenny Siung

Jenny Siung, Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland

Head of Education, Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland

Jenny Siung has worked for the Chester Beatty Library since 2000 taking up her post to develop the first Education Programme.  Working with such a diverse collection is exciting but also a great challenge.  Creating a programme to enhance as well as engage offers visitors the opportunity to explore the cultures represented in the collection; Islamic, East Asian and European, and in turn, consider their own.  This is a first in the museum sector in Ireland as other sister cultural institutions tend to reflect Irish national identity.

The Library Education Programme caters for all variety of visitors with particular focus on exploring the creative, cultural and historical aspects of the collections in an interesting and accessible way.

Being a member of ASEMUS has introduced the Library to other similar museums in Europe and Asia leading to excellent exhibition and education exchanges.  In 2006 Jenny obtained the first ASEMUS Education Exchange Programme and worked in the Islamic Museum of Art in Malaysia with a visit from colleagues to the Library that same year.  Being able to observe as well as participate in Asian museum programmes is fantastic.  Membership of ASEMUS has introduced the Library to other partners in the Volkenkunde Museum, Leiden, Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore and National Folk Museum Seoul and collectively have worked together to create an online resource exploring collections from each institution on a virtual map of the Silk Road.  This resource will be made live later in 2011. Being able to present the project at the ASEMUS AGM September 2010 in Musée du Quai Branly was a wonderful way to share ideas with peers as well as meet them for the first time.

Jenny’s view of ASEMUS

“Having roots in Ireland, Great Britain, the Caribbean and East Asia have led me to be curious about cultural identity and being able to work in the Chester Beatty Library and with ASEMUS has provided a wonderful opportunity to explore and share stories through the various strands of the Education Programme.”

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