Janet Tee

Janet Tee, Director National Textile Museum Malaysia

Director, National Textile Museum, Malaysia

Janet Tee first joined The National Museum of Malaysia (Muzium Negara) in the late 70’s. She was the Public Relations officer of the museum and in 2005 was promoted as the Deputy Director of Muzium Negara. During her tenure with the museum, she was awarded the ASEAN  scholarship (1981) to do an internship with the National Museum of Singapore and in 1983 went under a UNESCO-ACCU award to Japan (Tokyo, Nara and Osaka) for a training in mid-level museum management. She had a three month internship in marketing and public programming at the Peabody Museum in Salem, Massachusetts and several museums in New York, Sante Fe and San Francisco, and Seattle under the auspices of the Asian Cultural Grant (New York, 2000). In 2001 under the SIDA ALAS museum exchange program between Sweden and Africa, Asia and Latin America, Janet participate in an international networking program for museum marketing between Chile and Zimbabwe in Valdivia, Chile and later in Mumbai in 2003.

In her capacity as curator of the museum, she takes charge of the educational plan and curate thematic exhibitions. She also conceptualises, designs and implements interactive programmes within and outside the museum’s building.  Janet is part of the team for the refurbishment of Muzium Negara in 2006/08. She is instrumental in setting up the Museum Volunteers programme at Muzium Negara in 2006 / 07 and also established the Sleepover @ Museum and the Children Discovery Room @ Muzium Negara.  In 1997, she co-initiated the International Museum Day Celebration in Malaysia.  Janet has also participated in ASEMUS exhibition project; Masterpieces from Asia and Europe with museums colleagues from several countries in Asia and Europe.

She is currently the Committee Member of ASPAC ICOM, Secretary of Malaysia National Committee of ICOM (ICOMMAL), and Secretary of the Crafts Council of Malaysia.  Her personal interests include visiting wet markets and museums when travelling with her family.  The smell and fragrance of the fresh herbs and spices have a tantalising euphoria on her.

On July 1st 2010, she was transferred as a Director to the National Textile Museum which is managed by the Department of Museums Malaysia. Her responsibility entails the overall running and management of the museum. Her vision is to make the Textile Museum as a centre of material culture study for textiles within a multi-racial society.

 ASEMUS can provide a platform for discourse and networking between museums in and around the Asia-Europe region.  It will also be able to provide a channel of communication and generate an understanding and cooperation for museum-related programmes and activities by sharing knowledge of museum collections and museum personnel.

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