Eunmi Yi

Eunmi Yi

Eunmi Yi is a curator at the National Folk Museum of Korea, an ASEMUS member. Her role involves communicating with museum visitors through diverse exhibitions and education programmes. She holds a PhD in education from Yonsei University, Seoul.

In the context of her work at the National Folk Museum, Eunmi Yi has developed interesting and creative exhibitions, including ‘Journey into the Story of Shimcheong’, in which children are allowed to play with interactive experiences throughout the exhibition space. She has designed and conducted various education programmes which aim to foster access to culture and learning for a wide range of audiences.

Eunmi Yi has recently been working on the ‘Culture Discovery Box’ project, which aims to help children understand cultural diversity. An educational project, the ‘Culture Discovery Box’ is a mobile tool, which the museum lends to multicultural institutions, schools, museums and libraries across Korea. It is created to contribute to cultivate cultural diversity and to explore the social role of the museum in Korean society. Since 2010, discovery boxes covering Mongolia, Viet Nam, the Philippines, Korea and Uzbekistan have been created, and a box on Indonesia is being prepared in 2014. The project has received nationwide attention in Korea.

In 2015, the Children’s Museum of the National Folk Museum of Korea will present a special exhibition under the theme of cultural diversity, based on the achievements of the ‘Culture Discovery Box’ project.

Eunmi Yi was given a grant in the 2014 edition of ASEMUS’ Educational Exchange and Outreach Programme. The support provided should provide her with ideas and inspiration to prepare the aforementioned exhibition on cultural diversity.

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