Workshop: “Smart Heritage Protection” | Slovenia


In the light of the adoption of the Council of Europe’s new Strategy for the Cultural Heritage in Europe in the 21st Century, a workshop entitled “Smart Heritage Protection” will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 30-31 May 2017.

The aim of the workshop is to present the Strategy in the light of its novel approach in general terms, its methodological specificities, and its background rationale. In particular, the Strategy takes an interdisciplinary, multi-sectoral approach to heritage policy. It involves new intervention logic that relies on synergies among heritage stakeholders. The new approach is ‘smart’ in the sense that it its content is integrative, inclusive for stakeholders and also financially favourable.

The Strategy is founded on three integral components: the “Social”, the “Development” and the “Knowledge” one. The challenge is how to enhance all three components in a synergic way. The CoE Strategy suggests that overall consistency derives from the balance between the components and from the strength of their convergence.

The aim of the workshop is also to present possibilities for the practical application of this methodology to programming, project management, setting priorities, coordination, and evaluation of impacts of programmes and projects. The novel approach is also a generic one and therefore applicable to territorial governance, nature conservation, urban/rural development, and other policies/programmes that intersect with heritage policy.

Speakers include representatives from the Council of Europe, the Department of Heritage Wallonia, the Ministry of Culture of France, the Slovenian Evaluation Society, and the Geological Survey of Slovenia.

The workshop is addressed to professionals from member states of the Council of Europe, responsible for planning or evaluating heritage projects, programmes and policies. They are not requested to have any previous expert knowledge in methodological issues. Approximately 40-60 participants are expected to take part.

The event is organised by the Slovenian Evaluation Society and the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, in partnership with several other local and national organisations.

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