Symposium: “Featuring Hangeul by Foreign Scholars” | Korea


In an effort to promote the advancement of study on Hangeul (Korean alphabet), the recently-opened National Hangeul Museum in Seoul, an ASEMUS member, will hold its first international academic symposium titled ‘Featuring Hangeul by Foreign Scholars’ on 5 December.

The symposium will provide an unparalleled opportunity to appreciate valuable materials of Hangeul, scattered around East Asia. In the course of the event, current resarch on Hangeul, its regional dissemimation and the collection and preservation of Hangeul materials in Korea and abroad will be discussed.

Speakers include Moon Youngho (Director of the National Hangeul Museum), Hong Yoonpyo (President of the Preparatory Committee for the opening of the National Hangeul Museum), Fujimoto Yukio (Toyama Prefectural University), Wang Dan (Beking University, China) and Jin Guang-zhu (Yanbian University, China).

Registration is not necessary.

For additional information, see the Symposium poster here or visit the National Hangeul Museum’s website:

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