Singapore’s Peranakan Museum goes to Korea

The Peranakan World Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

Singapore’s Peranakan Museum is travelling to Seoul, Korea!

The Peranakan World: Cross-cultural Art from Singapore and the Straits

National Museum of Korea

19 March – 19 May 2013

Southeast Asia comprises various cultures and communities, many of which are indigenous, but some have been formed by unions between foreign traders and local women. This exhibition showcases the Peranakan culture, a unique hybrid culture in Southeast Asia. The “Peranakan”are descendants of Chinese traders who married women in Southeast Asia and settled in the region.

On exhibit are Peranakan objects produced between the latter part ofthe 19th century and early 20th century when Peranakan culture flourished. The objects were drawn from collections held by the Peranakan Museum, a component of the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore. Visit the ornaments, costume, ceramic ware, and portraits of the Peranakans and learn about their unique culture.

Visit the exhibition homepage for more information: The Peranakan World: Cross-cultural Art from Singapore and the Straits

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