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National Museum of World Culture reopens the Sculpture Hall | Sweden

Sweden VKM - Sculpture Hall [1]   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA [2]

Sweden’s National Museums of World Culture [3], an ASEMUS member, is reopening the Sculpture Hall of its Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities [4], in Stockholm, on 31 August.

The Sculpture Hall is a place for all who are interested in Asia’s gods and religions. New this year are a set of three large and important gilt copper Tibetan Buddhist sculptures from Mongolia which are shown together for the first time in almost a hundred years. Previously they were exhibited in two different museums.

To celebrate the reopening of the Sculpture Hall, the Museum will be visited by eight Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Tashi Lhumpo Monastery in India. For five days they will create a classic sand mandala in brilliant colours.

During the monks’ visit, museum visitors can also participate in workshops, see the prayer ceremonies, dance and attend the solemn closing ceremony on 5 September.


For more information about the Far East Museum of Antiquities:  http://www.varldskulturmuseerna.se/en/ostasiatiskamuseet/ [4]