[Exhibition] Contemporary Japanese calligraphy | Paris

Sho 1 -41 | Contemporary Japanese calligraphy | Musée Guimet

41 contemporary Japanese calligraphers are showcased at the Musée Guimet in Paris in an exhibition made possible by the support of the Mainichi Shodo Kai Foundation, organiser of an annual calligraphy competition in Japan.

This exhibition aims to reflect seven types of calligraphy styles that developed through contemporary practices and promote the inherent history and far-eastern aesthetics that are embedded in the art of calligraphy. The art form first appeared in Japan in the 6th century. Strongly influenced by its Chinese heritage, it later evolved into a stronger Japanese form in the course of the 10th century. Today, many avant-garde forms have taken shape including some that were strongly influenced by Western abstract paintings.

Workshops in presence of masters are scheduled on 12 and 14 May 2012. For more information and tickets please contact: resa@guimet.fr

A bilingual catalogue of the exhibition is available (165 pages – ISBN : 978 27056 8290 3)

[Source] culture360.org: Sho 1 -41 | Contemporary Japanese calligraphy | Musée Guimet

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