Online Course: Education, Art and Curating

Education Art & Curating

The Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin, an art organization focused on curatorial practice, is offering an online course entitled “Education & Art: New Integrations between Education and the Curatorial and Artistic Fields”. The course, led by Juan Canela, will be held between 14 March and 4 April 2016, with an estimated effort of 3 weekly hours for participants.

The course explores art education today, and how curating and artistic practice relate to pedagogy. It will gather different proposals related to art education, from art schools and art courses, to artistic and curatorial projects that focus on the topic of education, or that work directly within this field.

The aim of this course is to imagine new intersections between education and curatorial and artistic fields. Throughout the course, participants will reflect on questions such as: what does it mean to teach art? How could the strenghts of education and art be combined? What are we curating, who are we educating and why?

To achieve this, the course will analyse the system of art education as a whole by looking at different scenarios from the school to the museum, case studies of artistic and curatorial projects that integrate education, as well as the different roles and relations between the curator, mediator, educator and artist. Finally it will focus on how to articulate a curatorial project with a specific focus on pedagogy.

Registration is open until 10 March 2016. For additional information, please visit


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