Online Course: Art Handling, Transport and Storage

Art Handling Transport and Storage

The Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin, an art organization focused on curatorial practice, is offering an online course entitled “Art Handling, Transport and Storage”. The course, led by Eva Rieß, will take place between 17 May and 7 June, with an estimated effort of 3 weekly hours for participants.

The course on “Art Handling, Transport and Storage” offers specially designed training on the handling, storage and transportation of cultural heritage focusing on modern and contemporary artworks (paintings, sculptures and installation works).

Artworks have to be moved, packed, transported, stored and presented properly to guarantee their preservation and safety. Curators, gallery staff, art handlers and technicians are in direct and frequent contact with artworks and therefore need to know the essentials of proper care, maintenance and preservation. Additionally, in an ever-expanding global art world this knowledge is crucial as the loan and transportation of works of art have increased significantly in recent years.

The programme of the course includes four sections, dealing respectively with handing, packing, transport and storage of artworks.

This course is useful for anyone in contact with artworks and will provide basic guidelines for handling, packaging, transport and storage of works of art. In addition, art conservator Eva Rieß will enrich these guidelines, methods and techniques through case studies and day-to-day examples.

Registration for the course is open until 14 May.

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