NEMO Training Course: “Activate the Well-Being Potential of Your Museum”


The Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) is organising a one-day international training course entitled “Activate the Well-Being Potential of Your Museums”. Consisting of two lectures and one workshop session, the course will be facilitated by Diane Drubay (founder, WeAreMuseums) and Julie Rouzaud (Interaction Strategist, CentVingtSix / WeAreMuseums) and will be held in Paris on 27 September.

In the course of the sessions, participants will get to learn how to tap into museums’ soft power and explore ways to create first steps towards a happiness-focused museum.

If we consider museums and art as services, the question of the quality and the impact of what they offer is fundamental. Museums’ soft power is strong and their impact on one’s life should be incontestable today. International best practices and discussions about the top-priority impacts for museums will serve as inspiration to work towards a transformative museum. From printed pictures of audiences in museums to the analysis of wellbeing triggers in a museum, the group will work on ways to create a first happiness-focused step in its museum. The workshop will use tools and methods inspired by design thinking and gamestorming (Ludo-pedagogical methods) to increase its impact for participants and their professional practices.

After lectures and discussions on “Dis/oriented Museums and their Future” and “From the Happy Museum to the Museotherapy“, the participants will be guided to become well-being accelerators in a workshop. In the workshop, international best practice examples and discussions about top-priority impacts for museums will serve as inspiration to work towards a transformative museum.

Further information and registration

A full programme of the training course “Activate the Well-Being Potential of Your Museum” is available on NEMO’s website.

Registration in the course is open until 30 June.

Information about application requirements is available here. Note that the course is free of charge for NEMO members and requires the payment of a fee by non-members.

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