#MuseumWeek 2016

#MuseumWeek 2016

#MuseumWeek is an annual online event devoted to the celebration of culture by cultural institutions. It is open to artists, museums, libraries, galleries, archives, foundations, science centres, and similar institutions, providing an opportunity to share efforts for a week and to give visibility to their assets, activities and aims. The initiative will take place mainly on social media platform Twitter.

Originally launched in France, it has become a global event. The 2015 edition of #MuseumWeek involved over 2800 organisations globally.

#MuseumWeek 2016 will be held between 28 march and 3 April, and will have a specific theme per day, each accompanied by a specific hashtag for use in social media:

  • Monday 28 March will be dedicated to discovering cultural institutions’ best-kept secrets, with museums being invited to show behind-the-scenes images (#secretsMW)
  • Tuesday 29 March will honour the well-known or anonymous people who have helped make a museum, including founders, icons and staff members (#peopleMW)
  • On Wednesday 30 March, the focus will be on the story of museum buildings, gardens, neighbourhoods and other key locations (#architectureMW)
  • The main theme of Thursday 31 March will be tangible and intangible cultural heritage, enabling audiences to discover diverse available contents (#heritageMW)
  • Friday 1 April will be devoted to innovation and research in museums and the objectives and obstacles existing in this field (#futureMW)
  • Saturday 2 April will allow participant organisations to share details and anecdotes that provide an interesting insight into their collections (#zoomMW)
  • Finally, Sunday 3 April will focus on what institutions love about their place, enabling them to promote museums’ greatest attractions (#loveMW)

Interested museums and organisations are invited to register by using an accessible form.

Extensive information about the initiative is available at www.museumweek2016.org.

You may also follow #MuseumWeek 2016’s Twitter profile at https://twitter.com/MuseumWeek

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