[Exhibition] Korean treasures from German museums

Korea Rediscovered, Linden Museum, Germany

The exhibition showcases 116 representative Korean artworks which have been selected from among 6000 pieces housed in ten museums in Germany. The exhibition is organized by the Korea Foundation and held at the Linden-Museum Stuttgart, Germany.

On display are painting, ceramics, works in lacquer, wood and stone, textiles, metalwork and books and printing of the Period of the Three Kingdoms (57 B.C. – 668 A.D.), the Unified Silla Kingdom (668 – 935), the Goryeo Dynasty (935 – 1392) and the Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910).

Accompanying exhibition

Mark de Fraeye: Architecture photography from Korea

13 October 2012 – 28 February 2013

Mark De Fraeye’s first contact with Korea was in the 1980s. From this time he has been documenting lifestyle, tradition and culture from this peninsula. In his photographs he shows traditional houses, memorials and temples and discoveries in the countryside the cultural environment with new perspectives. About 20 photographs are on display.

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