Korean museum history presented in Singapore

Dr Kim Youngna, Korean museum Director

Special Programme: Museums in Korea: Insights and Challenges
22 Jun 2013 | Saturday | 5 to 6pm |
Ngee Ann Auditorium, Asian Civilisations Museum, Empress Place, Singapore

The history of Korean museums

The history of Korean museums began in 1909, when King Sunjong (reigned 1907–1910), the last in the Joseon dynasty, ordered the first-ever public exhibition of royal artworks. Despite the short history, Korean museums have grown quickly to become essential sites for learning about history and culture. There are more than 700 registered museums in Korea today, the oldest and most representative of which is the National Museum of Korea. National museums are funded primarily by the Korean government, which has acknowledged the need for more national museums, and is supporting their growth. There are also numerous private and university museums throughout Korea.

In this lecture, Dr Kim Youngna will present the history and current state of museums in Korea, and discuss how they are adapting for the future, as museums become increasingly diverse and essential to a rapidly globalising society.

About the speaker

Dr Kim Youngna is Director-General of the National Museum of Korea, Seoul, and Chair of the Asia-Europe Museum Network’s Executive Committee. She earned a PhD in art history from Ohio State University. After many years of teaching, including at Seoul National University, she was appointed director of the university museum.

Dr Kim has previously served as president of academic associations of Korean and western modern art in Korea, including the Association of Western Art History and the Korean Association of Art History Education. She has written extensively on Korean modern and contemporary art. Her English publications include Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea (2005), and 20th Century Korean Art (2005).

This lecture is free. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. No registration is required.

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