Exhibition: “Stories of Getting Old” | Viet Nam

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On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the International Day for Older Persons (established in 1991) and the Action Month for the Vietnamese elderly, between 30 September and 30 October 2016 the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, in Hanoi, an ASEMUS member, presents a special exhibition entitled “Stories of Getting Old”.

Using an anthropological approach and the photo voice method (handing cameras to subjects), every aspect in the lives of older people has been documented and is presented in the exhibition.

“Stories of Getting Old” has 3 main themes: Wishes; Confessions of older people; and Joy & Sadness, featuring the stories of residents at the Thien Duc Nursing Home, where the Museum chose to work. The exhibition also brings about a rather sensitive topic in society nowadays: Moving parents into nursing homes.

Shorten the generation gap and learn to love and respect older people is the message that the exhibition wants to convey to visitors of all ages.

The exhibition opened on 30 September, with a ceremony attended by 20 of the elders featured, many of whom were accompanied by their relatives. Also present were Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, President of the Women’s Union, and Ms Cu Thi Hau, President of the Vietnam Association of the Elderly.

For additional information about “Stories of Getting Old”, please visit http://baotangphunu.org.vn/Chi-tiet-tin/12254/the-exhibition-stories-of-getting-old


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