Exhibition: “Geo|Graphic: Celebrating maps and their stories” | Singapore

GeoGraphic Celebrating Maps Singapore

The National Library of Singapore presents Geo|Graphic: Celebrating Maps and Their Stories, a series of curated exhibitions and programmes that will showcase how Singapore and the region around it have evolved over the past centuries, through hundreds of rare and original maps and creative art pieces.

From 15 January to 19 July 2015, visitors can explore the exhibition’s five levels and have a look at the history of Singapore and Southeast Asia from the explorer’s perspective.

Geo|Graphic: Celebrating Maps and Their StoriesĀ is made up of four main exhibitions:

  • Mind the Gap: Mapping the Other
  • Land of Gold and Spices: Early Maps of Southeast Asia and Singapore
  • Island of Stories: Singapore Maps
  • Sea State & Seabook – an art project by Charles Lim

The exhibition “Land of Gold and Spices” includes rare maps of the region from the National Library of Singapore and the British Library. On the other hand, “Mind the Gap” showcases the work of three contemporary artists (Michael Lee, Jeremy Sharma and Sherman Ong) who utilise different types of cultural and social data, as well as books and video installations, to create new and interesting connections.

This group of exhibitions is organised by the National Library of Singapore in cooperation with the National Archives of Singapore, an ASEMUS member.

For additional information, visit http://www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary/Exhibitions/59469/Geo_Graphic__Celebrating_Maps_and_their_Stories.aspx



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