Exhibition: “China Mania: The Global Passion for Porcelain, 800-1900” | Singapore

China Mania Porcelain

The exhibition “China Mania: the Global Passion for Porcelain, 800-1900” is presented at the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore, an ASEMUS member, between 2 August and 14 December 2014.

For more than a thousand years, China provided the world with porcelain of the highest quality. Vastly superior to the ceramics made in other regions, Chinese porcelain of various sizes and colours was eagerly sought – and just as eagerly copied and imitated.

This exhibition examines the global demand for porcelain, not only in Europe and America, but also within Asia, for example, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Islamic world.

Through 150 objects, including new acquisitions, China Mania examines how international trade and cultural exchange spread styles, forms, and manufacturing technologies throughout different regions. These exchanges dramatically altered the course of Asian art. The ceramics became prized heirlooms valued for their exotic origins, superior technology, and beauty.

A range of activities, including curator tours, director’s tours, night visits and children programmes, are held in the context of the exhibition.

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