Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Lacquers at the Shanghai Museum


The Shanghai Museum, in Shanghai, China, an ASEMUS member, presents a special exhibition entitled “In a Myriad of Forms: The Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Lacquers”, until 24 February 2019.

The exhibition presents over 200 pieces of ancient Chinese lacquers from the Shanghai Museum’s own collections. Besides, unearthed lacquers from Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Changzhou Museum, Fuzhou Museum and Datong Museum are also displayed. Organisers hope to take advantage of this opportunity to promote the recognition and research of Chinese lacquers.

Background: ancient Chinese lacquers

China was the birth place of lacquers. The Chinese have used lacquers continuously for more than 7000 years since Neolithic times, the Hemudu Culture. Indeed, the ancient, precise, diverse lacquer technique was considered as one of the biggest contributions of China to world civilization.

During the Warring period, Qin and Han dynasty which was considered as the first peak of Chinese lacquers history, Chinese lacquers experienced rapid development. At that time lacquers were used extensively as sacrifices, funerary objects or daily necessities. A huge number of painted lacquers were excavated.

The period from Song dynasty to Qing dynasty was regarded as the second peak of the development of lacquers. A wide variety and a huge number of lacquers sprang up at that time, creating an important and prosperity period of lacquers.

Further information

For additional information about “In a Myriad of Forms: The Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Lacquers”, please visit https://www.shanghaimuseum.net/museum/frontend/en/display/exhibition-info-out-line-detail?exhibitionCode=E00004064


Pictured above: Winged cup with dragon pattern and a statuette, painted lacquer, Shanghai Museum; and rectangular case with willow and pond scene, black lacquer with red striped background, Changzhou Museum


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