5th All Pakistan Museums Conference


The 5th All Pakistan Museums Conference, organised by the Museums Association of Pakistan (MAP), will take place in Lahore on 20-21 November.

Entitled “Agenda 2030 & Museums – A Museo Movement in Pakistan”, the 5th All Pakistan Museums Conference will contribute to MAP’s goal of formulating a National Museums Policy as well as an Agenda 2030, proposing work strategies for the future.

Specific themes to be addressed during the conference include the following:

  • The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Pakistani Museums: a way forward
  • Museology and Museography in Pakistan
  • Government and Management of Museums
  • National Leadership and National Heritage curricula development
  • Development of International Linkages in the Museum Sector
  • Museum Association’s Role in the Development of the Museum Sector
  • Drafting of a Code for Developing Standards and Capacities for Accreditation and Audit of Museums in Pakistan

Held annually, the All Pakistan Museums Conference will include keynote speeches, a poster exhibition, consultative workshops, networking meetings and museum visits. The MAP Annual General Meeting will also be held on the occasion.

For additional information about the 5th All Pakistan Museums Conference, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/527584007800393/


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