11th Field School: Inclusive Cultural Leadership in Sustainable Development | Viet Nam

11th International Field School

Entitled “Inclusive Cultural Leadership in Sustainable Development”, the 11th International Field School in Viet Nam of the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum and the Pacific Asia Observatory for Cultural Diversity in Human Development will take place in several locations across Viet Nam between 30 November and 21 December 2015.

The Field School provides first-hand ‘fingers in the dirt’ experiential learning through case studies from diverse cultural, economic, social and environmental contexts. This four-pillar approach to sustainable development facilitated through an immersion covers a range of places across Viet Nam from Hanoi/Ha Long Bay/Mai Chau in the north to Ho Chi Minh City and UNESCO Bio Sphere Reserves in the south.

It addresses as to how the agency of inclusive cultural leadership plays a critical role in the transformation of local, regional and national cultures and economies. It profiles as to how international and national legal instruments for safeguarding cultural diversity, governance structures, and local area planning intersect within integrated and interdisciplinary management. It provides a critical introduction to cultural mapping, gender and youth issues in community engagement, poverty alleviation, Millennium Development Goals, South South Cooperation and the transition to Sustainable Development Goals in the UN post-2015 Development Agenda.

The Field School provides first-hand experience to graduate students, researchers and professionals, as capacity building for locating culture in sustainable development in a rapidly globalising world. Cultural and environmental resources of all kinds are examined in the context of the four pillars of cultural, economic, environmental and social sustainability. The focus is on real-life examples and documented case studies in Viet Nam.

Annual cohorts are targeted to include participants from several countries to create an immersion learning environment as an international cross cultural exchange program. There are 18 places available to be filled with full registration by 2 October 2015. Initial expressions of interest are due by 15 August 2015 and continuing. A total of 8 places will be allocated in the first round of offers to applicants from 5 different countries. The next due date for expressions of interest is 25th of September 2015. Recruitment continues with staggered deadlines until all the places are filled with the highest quality assessed candidates.

For additional information about the 11th International Field School in Viet Nam, please visit http://inclusivemuseum.org/vietnam-field-school-2015/


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