Celje Regional Museum, Slovenia

Celje Regional Museum, Slovenia

Celje Regional Museum (Pokrajinski muzej Celje), founded in 1882, is the second oldest museum in Slovenia, and includes an Asian collection.   Read More

Exhibition: "Afghanistan-Slovene Views" | Slovenia

Exhibition: “Afghanistan-Slovene Views” | Slovenia

The Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana, presents an exhibition entitled “Afghanistan-Slovene Views”, until 30 March 2018.  Read More

Workshop: "Smart Heritage Protection" | Slovenia

Workshop: “Smart Heritage Protection” | Slovenia

Following the adoption of the Council of Europe’s “Strategy for the Cultural Heritage in Europe in the 21st Century”, a workshop entitled “Smart Heritage Protection” will take place in Ljubljana next May.  Read More

Ralf Čeplak Mencin

Ralf Čeplak Mencin

Curator and Museum Counsellor, Slovene Ethnographic Museum
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