CIMAM 2017 Annual Conference | Singapore

CIMAM 2017 Annual Conference | Singapore

The 2017 Annual Conference of the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art (CIMAM) will be hosted by the National Gallery Singapore.  Read More

Malay Heritage Centre, Singapore

Malay Heritage Centre, Singapore

The Malay Heritage Centre showcases the history, culture and contributions of the Malay community to Singapore‚Äôs history and multi-cultural society.  Read More

Exhibition: "Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life" | Singapore

Exhibition: “Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life” | Singapore

The Asian Civilisations Museum presents, for the first time in Singapore, treasures from the Joseon era, loaned by several Korean museums.  Read More

Exhibition: "Reviving Myanmar Celadon Ceramics" | Singapore

Exhibition: “Reviving Myanmar Celadon Ceramics” | Singapore

The National University of Singapore Museum presents an exhibition entitled “From the Ashes: Reviving Myanmar Celadon Ceramics”, until 30 December 2017.  Read More

"Artist and Empire: (En)countering Colonial Legacies" | Singapore

“Artist and Empire: (En)countering Colonial Legacies” | Singapore

In association with Tate Britain, this new exhibition will be presented at National Gallery Singapore until March 2017, alongside an extensive set of activities.  Read More

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