Exhibition: "New Silk Road" - Contemporary Chinese Porcelain | Greece

Exhibition: “New Silk Road” – Contemporary Chinese Porcelain | Greece

The Corfu Museum of Asian Art presents the exhibition ‘New Silk Road: Ru Royal Kiln Chinese Contemporary Porcelain’ on the occasion of the Year of Greek-Chinese Friendship 2017.  Read More

Exhibition: "Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life" | Singapore

Exhibition: “Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life” | Singapore

The Asian Civilisations Museum presents, for the first time in Singapore, treasures from the Joseon era, loaned by several Korean museums.  Read More

Exhibition: "Cool Japan" | The Netherlands

Exhibition: “Cool Japan” | The Netherlands

The major exhibition “Cool Japan: Worldwide Fascination in Focus” can be visited at the National Museum of Ethnology of the Netherlands until 17 September 2017.  Read More

Exhibition: "Reviving Myanmar Celadon Ceramics" | Singapore

Exhibition: “Reviving Myanmar Celadon Ceramics” | Singapore

The National University of Singapore Museum presents an exhibition entitled “From the Ashes: Reviving Myanmar Celadon Ceramics”, until 30 December 2017.  Read More

Exhibition: "Viet Nam National Treasures"

Exhibition: “Viet Nam National Treasures”

An exhibition at the Viet Nam National Museum of History, Hanoi, “Viet Nam National Treasures” presents 18 national treasures together for the first time.  Read More

"A great learning opportunity": Museum Professionals in Viet Nam and Finland Recount Their Exchange

“A great learning opportunity”: Museum Professionals in Viet Nam and Finland Recount Their Exchange

Beneficiaries of an ASEMUS Educational Exchange project in 2014 describe their experience.  Read More

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