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Exhibition: "Myanmar - The Golden Land" | Germany

Exhibition: “Myanmar – The Golden Land” | Germany

The exhibition “Myanmar – The Golden Land” is presented at the Linden-Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, between 18 October 2014 and 17 May 2015.  Read More

Exhibition: "Singapura: 700 Years" | Singapore

Exhibition: “Singapura: 700 Years” | Singapore

The exhibition ‘Singapura: 700 Years’ is presented at the National Museum of Singapore, an ASEMUS member, between 28 October 2014 and 10 August 2015.  Read More

Symposium: "Featuring Hangeul by Foreign Scholars" | Korea

Symposium: “Featuring Hangeul by Foreign Scholars” | Korea

In an effort to promote the advancement of study on Hangeul (Korean alphabet), the recently-opened National Hangeul Museum in Seoul, an ASEMUS member, will hold its first international academic symposium titled ‘Featuring Hangeul by Foreign Scholars’ on 5 December.   Read More

Exhibition: "Hearts on Fire" | Singapore

Exhibition: “Hearts on Fire” | Singapore

The exhibition “Hearts on Fire” presents the work of chronically ill children, who were inspired by the collections from the Asian Civilisations Museum.  Read More

National Museum in Warsaw, Poland

National Museum in Warsaw, Poland

Established in 1862, the National Museum in Warsaw boasts a collection of around 830,000 works of art from Poland and abroad, including Asian items.  Read More

International Workshop on Migration and the Remaking of Ethnic/Micro-Regional Connectedness | Japan

International Workshop on Migration and the Remaking of Ethnic/Micro-Regional Connectedness | Japan

Organised by Japan’s National Museum of Ethnology, this workshop will take place in Osaka and Kyoto on 5-7 December 2014.  Read More

Chittagong University Museum, Bangladesh

Chittagong University Museum, Bangladesh

As an academic museum, the Chittagong University Museum accelerates advanced learning by the provision of materials and facilities for research. It also aims to stimulate public interest and encourages understanding and appreciation of the history, archaeology and art heritage of Bangladesh.   Read More

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